Quran Memorization

Recite and memorize the Quran at your own pace with our adaptive curriculum. There's no static syllabus here, allowing you the flexibility to progress as slowly and methodically or as quickly and focused as you desire. We will provide you with a range of plans and methods that have proven successful in Quran memorization, giving you the freedom to tailor them to your preferences.

Moreover, this course extends beyond mere memorization. You will delve into the profound meanings of the verses, uncovering the moral lessons inherent in each surah. In addition, we will immerse you in related stories and impart the essential rules of tajweed, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

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  • Class Type: One-on-One
  • Class Duration: 30 minutes
  • Course Period: Depends upon student's ability
  • Tutor: Online Private tutor


  • Memorize selected surahs of choice or the entire Quran based on individual goals.
  • You will be provided with consistent practice and review of memorization targets.
  • You will become familiar with basic rules of tajweed.
  • You will learn how to read Quran with proper pronunciation.
  • We will Guide and support you in solidifying memorization skills for long-term retention.


  • Initial assessment to gauge the student's current Quranic memorization level followed by a discussion of the chosen program and goals.
  • Implementation of a highly-effective and integrated strategy for Quran memorization.
  • Tutors will repeat the verses until the student can recite them clearly and without mistakes.
  • To ensure progress and enhance retention, the memorization plan is designed to be incremental. This approach includes continuous review of previously memorized verses, along with the introduction of a carefully selected set of new Quranic verses for memorization.
  • There will be regular assessments to measure the student's progress and retention of memorized verses.
  • There will be feedback and guidance provided by the tutor to address areas of improvement.