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Reading: Noorani Qaida, Noor Al Bian Book, And Quran image
Reading: Noorani Qaida, Noor Al Bian Book, And Quran

This course, led by top Quran teachers, aims to help you master the fundamentals of reading the Quran. Starting with the Noorani Qaida or Noor Al Bian Book, you'll learn Arabic letters and words, progressing to reading Quranic verses and complete surahs. The course includes connecting and separating Arabic letters, enhancing your reading and writing fluency. Diacritics are introduced to indicate pronunciations, stresses, or tones, eliminating the need for rote memorization. With personalized guidance and resources, you'll be well-equipped to achieve your goal of reading the entire Quran without errors.

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Quran Memorization

Recite and memorize the Quran at your own pace with our adaptive curriculum. There's no static syllabus here, allowing you the flexibility to progress as slowly and methodically or as quickly and focused as you desire. We will provide you with a range of plans and methods that have proven successful in Quran memorization, giving you the freedom to tailor them to your preferences. Moreover, this course extends beyond mere memorization. You will delve into the profound meanings of the verses, uncovering the moral lessons inherent in each surah. In addition, we will immerse you in related stories and impart the essential rules of tajweed, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

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In this comprehensive Tajweed course, you'll master Quranic recitation, exploring fundamental principles, intricate rules, letter articulation, and unique pronunciation. Engaging lessons with Quranic examples deepen your understanding and help you apply Tajweed to your own recitation. Your dedicated teacher provides personalized guidance on Tajweed rules and their practical application. Your progress and learned elements are recorded, allowing you to continue honing your skills at your convenience.

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Speaking And Writing Arabic

This Arabic language course is structured across three levels, each catering to different proficiency stages: 1. Level One (Beginner): Introduces the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation basics using the Noorani Qaida and Noor Al Bian. 2. Level Two (Intermediate): Focuses on writing, vocabulary, basic grammar, and simple conversation using the I Play, I Learn series, Al Arabia Bin Yadik, and the Essential Book First Part. 3. Level Three (Advanced): Targets mastery of complex aspects, emphasizing speaking fluency and comprehensive understanding using the Essential Book with and without Harakat, guiding students towards high proficiency and accuracy.

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Islamic Studies

The curriculum covers various aspects of Islamic knowledge: - Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) - Seerah (Prophetic Biography) - Tafseer (Quranic Exegesis) - Hadith (Prophetic Traditions) Using diverse sources, the course aims to build a solid foundation of Islamic practices, stories, and principles for children under seven.

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