Speaking And Writing Arabic

This Arabic language course is structured across three levels, each catering to different proficiency stages:

1. Level One (Beginner): Introduces the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation basics using the Noorani Qaida and Noor Al Bian.

2. Level Two (Intermediate): Focuses on writing, vocabulary, basic grammar, and simple conversation using the I Play, I Learn series, Al Arabia Bin Yadik, and the Essential Book First Part.

3. Level Three (Advanced): Targets mastery of complex aspects, emphasizing speaking fluency and comprehensive understanding using the Essential Book with and without Harakat, guiding students towards high proficiency and accuracy.

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  • Level One: Beginner (Reading) Objective: Introduce Arabic language basics, from the alphabet to word pronunciation, including Quranic examples. Resources: - Noorani Qaida: Focuses on Arabic alphabets and harakat. - Noor Al Bian: Emphasizes pronunciation and reading, particularly Quranic text. Goal: Ensure learners understand Arabic word pronunciation.
  • Level Two Objective: Enhance writing skills, expand vocabulary, introduce simple conversations, and cover basic Arabic grammar. Resources: - I Play, I Learn Series - ألعب أتعلم: - Beginner Level: Covers letters, sounds, tanween, and hamza shapes. Targeted at ages 5-10. - Intermediate Level: New vocabulary, texts, and activities. Suitable for ages 7-13. - Al Arabia Bin Yadik - العربية بين يديك: For teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, focusing on vocabulary and structure. Recommended for ages 10+. - Essential Book First Part - الكتاب الأساسي الجزء الأول: Concludes the level with extensive vocabulary and exercises. Suitable for ages 7+.
  • Level Three: Advanced Objective: Achieve advanced proficiency in Arabic, focusing on fluency and understanding with minimal errors. Resources: - Essential Book (Arabic with Harakat) for Levels 2-3: Comprehensive topics using the essential book with harakat. - Essential Book (Without Harakat) for Levels 4-6: Enhances reading proficiency by gradually removing harakat. Expected Outcome: By the end, students should speak and understand Arabic proficiently, aiming for high accuracy in language use.


  • This course introduces learners to the fundamentals of the Arabic language, focusing on speaking and writing skills. Students begin with the Arabic alphabet, progressing to letter sounds and pronunciations, enhanced by learning diacritical marks (harakat) for accurate word pronunciation, including select Quranic phrases. The course emphasizes developing a robust Arabic vocabulary, constructing sentences, and enhancing writing abilities to enable effective Arabic communication.


  • Level One: Beginner Focus: Introduction to Arabic alphabets and basic pronunciation. Key Resources: Noorani Qaida, Noor Al Bian.
  • Level Two: Intermediate Focus: Development of writing skills, vocabulary expansion, introduction to simple conversations and basic grammar. Key Resources: I Play, I Learn Series, Al Arabia Bin Yadik, Essential Book First Part.
  • Level Three: Advanced Focus: Mastery of advanced Arabic topics, fluency in speaking, and comprehensive understanding of the language. Key Resources: Essential Book (with and without Harakat) for various advanced levels.